Sunday, December 30, 2012

Character Design part 1

5-10 minutes pose



 Storyboard's Robert Steele

The story is about a pampered, spoiled and arrogant minister’s daughter faced with his father death punishment that changed her wealthy life.

Story Spine
Once upon a time there was a pampered and spoiled minister’s daughter.
Every day she was dancing in front of her father.
Until one day, queen’ soldier interrupted her dancing and killed her father.
Because of that, she was thrown away to the street.
Because of that, she lived poorly.
Because of that, she begged for money and stole food for living.
Because of that, she was hit by people for her stealing crime.
Because of that, there was a lady who helped her and felt sympathy for her, gave her food and taught her how to work.
Because of that she could work as sweeper in the street.
Because of that she saw many injustice acts from soldiers toward citizen.
Until finally the soldiers got rude with the lady who helped her and put her into prison because of accusation of rebellion.
Ever since that day, she wanted to get her revenge to the queen and wanted to join the rebellion.

The goal of this storyboard is to show how the arrogant girl became poor and wanted to join a rebellion to get her revenge. 

Fall 2011 - Layout Design

Layout Design's Oliver Sin class.