Saturday, January 19, 2013

A bit of thesis - turnaround artemis and kirin

Name: Artemis, Wizard mouse
Height : 4’ 5”  Weight : 90 lbs
Color : Gray
Eye Color: Grayish Blue
Race: Talking Animal/ anthropomorphic/ Wizard
Personality: Wise, Like to study, smart, learner, curious, happy outgoing , friendly, positive
A wise mouse who studied magic and in his own quest to graduate from a magic academy. He decided to help the party to get the guardian stones. He would separate from the party temporarily and met with a girl named Mary who wanted to have revenge for the queen whose government falsely accused her father to death. 

Artemis, Wizard Mouse

Artemis Maquette

Artemis Color Scheme

Kirin Sketch
Kirin, Air Guardian

Kirin Color Scheme

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