Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thesis - the puppet

Name: Dorothy, the puppet
Age: 5 / Unknown
Height : 1.64’ 
Weight : 40 lbs
Color : Black
Eye Color: Orange
Race: Puppet/ Homunculus
Homunculus: an artificially failed created human that brought into existence by alchemy forbidden power that defies God. Thus the legend said that the philosopher’s stone can create an artificial perfect human.
Personality: like to be cute, smart, bully other people intelligence, like to command and criticize people
Dorothy is named by Alia and a gift from her father. She is a cute and smart puppet and also a great fighter. It is very rare that a puppet can be alive, thus she becomes target by an evil group that wants to research her and thinks that she is related to the legendary philosopher’s stone. 

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