Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thesis - the bard and minister's daughter

Max. the bard
Age: 22
Height : 5’ 9” 
Weight : 145 lbs
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Race: Human /Bard
Personality: Flirty, Love ladies, love singing and create poets, Cocky, Arrogant, Handsome, Sweet talk and liar.
Weapon: Ukulele, Sound and music Wave

He accidentally drops Alia’s father book to the sea during the airship fight with the evil stone hunter group. Alia make him to pay for the compensation by accompany her to the legendary stone. It is also because he lied to everyone that he knows the place of the legendary stone. He was actually a member of a famous bard guild named Harmonia but he got kicked out because of an accident that killed the daughter’s leader guild and he wanted to search for Philosopher Stone to prove and get him back to the guild. Without knowing that Alia would have feeling towards him, Max fell in love with Mary. However Alia and Max were still best friends and care for each other. 

Mary, minister 's daughter
Age: 21
Height : 5’ 5”
Weight : 120 lbs
Hair Color : Red
Eye Color: Blue
Race: Human /Bare Hand Fighter
Personality: Pampered and naive at first, angry, sassy, beautiful
A pampered minister’s daughter who was overthrown from the palace because her father which was a minister was accused for rebellion to the queen and got death sentenced by queen’s government. She wanted to have revenge. During her life hardship, she met a wizard mouse who encouraged her and made her calmer. She joined a secret big rebellion group to fight the prime minister and overthrown the queen. However, without knowing about the queen’s face, the rebellion people made friendship with the queen. At first, she hated Max the bard because he always flirted with many ladies. During water guardian quest, Mary and Max developed feeling each other, those made Alia broken heart. 

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