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Thesis - the alchemist

25 expressions


the alchemist's action

the alchemist turnaround

Alchemist color scheme

Alia, the alchemist
Age: 17
Height : 5’
Weight : 99 lbs
Hair Color : Redish Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Race: Human /Alchemist
Personality: Outgoing, naive, careless, kind, excited, curious 

Alia is a young girl who lives in a small island with her aunt. Her father is an adventurer and a certificate alchemist. He is seldom going home to have research and find many new inventions and artifacts around the world. He always sends a letter, merchandise or pictures about his adventure to his daughter.  Her mother is already died since she was kids. During her childhood and when her father was not home, there was a war happened in the island and the village was burned. At that time, her mother died and she was saved by a young mercenary that she didn’t remember the face, however she remembered the symbol in the back clothes of the young man. She felt that he was her hero and she determined to find him in the future. Once, her father gives his journal contained the map of the world and the summary alchemy diagram elements and artifacts, and a box contained a living puppet. She is so excited about the gift and prompts her to travel the world like her father. However since that time her father never gave her any letters at all for many years, and considered disappeared. She lived with playing around and experiment alchemy by herself and from her father’s book in her father alchemy workshop. She makes a bit of money in the workshop from village’s people request of fixing, find, synthesize things, and create simple things.  She is also building up her relationship with her living puppet named Dorothy who always accompany her and criticize her alchemy work. In her 17, she determined to travel around the world to find her father, her childhood hero, unlock the mystery of her living puppet and be a greatest alchemist. Her journey begin when a big airship landing in the island.  In the airship she met a cocky and arrogant bard who is flirty and loves girls and an unconfident insecurity coward girl who is actually a disguised queen that ran away from her palace who become her first friends outside the island, and an evil greedy group of stone hunters. Thus begin her first journey that involves the philosopher’s stone hunting and a chaos corrupted kingdom is risked of collapsed. 

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